An Escapade


A jocund escapade into the realms of Utopia

Scripting notes of freedom with my exuberant ink of hope

Assassinating the morbid claustrophobia

Celebrating my glee with the cerulean skies

Scribbling a gazillion of illegible alphabets of positivity and certitude


My unfurled wings of hope coalesce with the shimmering sun-rays

Away from the ghastly chaos and devastating genocide of feelings

Seeking soothing balm, behind the gossamer of unknown quest

The diaphanous, fluffy dreams emit a celestial scent

The scent of happiness, resting beneath the duvet of coruscant smiles.


Finally, I inhale pristine tranquility and exhale indubitable love

With poignant pearls trickling down

I pray for a miraculous healing!

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