“I can’t believe it’s already July! Soon you’ll be leaving for your college this Fall; time to grow up girl. Now stop being dependent on me for all trivial things.” Bina’s muffled yet concerned voice overwhelmed her daughter Rhea.

Rhea breathed deeply, trying her best to shove those wallowing emotions. The entire universe seemed to whisper strength into her ears. The jarring memories nibbling away all her hopes triggered her briny pearls to trickle down like little rivulets.

“Come on, chin up! I know the prospect of living without me must be terrifying, but you’ve got to move on. Remember you are a strong woman because a strong woman raised you.” Muttered Bina’s same muffled tone.

Suddenly jolted back to reality by the splashing waves, Rhea held her mother close to her heart. Suddenly she was grown up. The waves curled up at her feet as if to offer their condolences. One last look at the pewter urn containing her mother’s cremated remains made her resolute.


“Heartbreak is always a catalyst for a new path. Five years back I could have never imagined to be the youngest entrepreneur with Down’s syndrome.” Chirped an exhilarated Rhea while collecting her award.





Author’s Note: This story was written for a writing event.

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