Coruscant Yore


Perched on the window-sill of nostalgia

I could clearly feel the darkness shrouding my soul.

That dances upon my unfulfilled dreams

Creating a rhythmic percussion of memories and melancholy.

The idle wispy clouds sailing across the sky,

offer me undaunting hope to carry on.

Though desolate, downcast

My brooding eyes hold back those poignant pearls

As I reminisce those jovial and euphoric days

When lulled by your love, eclectic emotions were set ablaze.

The imprints of your indelible love still emblazon my glistened core

Golden glimpses of yore flash.

I stand soaked, yet ignited

As I gaze at the starry night sky

Aching for a glimpse of you,

Leaving me in solitude with my Komorebi.

Gradually slipping away into the abysmal darkness

I yearn for a golden dawn swathed in ochre

To embrace you, once again

Albeit, the last time

Before I surrender sans resistance to the dystopian existence

Of hurting memories and nothingness.

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