Dreams & Beyond


Her serene crooning, like birdsongs of midnight

Entwined with my being triggered my ability to grow

With hands caressing my unformed form

My inner joys somersault with glee

Swaddled with hope, she dreams of a new morrow

With numinous sounds of messy blabbers

Alas! My being was shred, a mishmash of crimson blob

Rippling of ember-red dots of unvoiced emotions

Muddled with the blurry lines of logic

Her deafening silence is yet to speak

Of the injustice and of the insurmountable grief

With her lullabies, I once turned and twirled

Within her in a snug and warm space

Dreaming of a new bond!

Sliding into different worlds,

I still yearn for her comforting lullabies

In my dreams, the silhouette of the bond

Still persists on ashen graves of female feticide!





Author’s Note: This story was written for a writing event.



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