From The Fiery Orb Of Love


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Being a girl of a Kashmiri Pandit, I wasn’t allowed in fall in love

Content with my mundane life, I was moving on

Despite growing up ‘midst the snowcapped Himalayas

Without any friends, I never really saw a happy dawn.


Suddenly one summer, I found love

The carousel of warnings, seemed behind bars

In the hypnotic glow of the effulgent new found love

We celebrated our unison ‘neath the stars


With his one diaphanous touch, he entered my soul

Succoring me to unfurl my wings of hope

Surrendering in that fleeting moment

We peregrinated beyond our scope


My ravaging storms quelled in his arms

Silencing my inner whispering of doubt

I found the elusive happiness

As I savored the brightest hues of emotions inside out.


Alas! We were destined only till those clandestine meetings

A bunch of lively flowers now adorn our graves

Lying adjacent to each other, we celebrate our unfulfilled love

Communal riots have ruthlessly made us its slaves!


Together we found peace;

As our love transcended mortal boundaries of “Heaven of Earth”

For it’s better to reign in hell, than to serve in heaven.

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