Frosted Embers


You instilled cadence in darkness

I dislodged trust, while trying to look for brightness

You filled our togetherness with utopian dreams

I dug into my solitude, heralding dystopian nightmares

Picking me up, you gathered my flinders

Jettisoning hope, I dispersed all of myself

With your words, you moved us up with certitude

I maintained my silence, enswathed by doubt

You’ve put in your best to sustain balance

I tipped the scales with my own baggage

You’ve ventured into a million storms for me

I’ve nurtured my indolence

You chased my embers lighting up the night sky

I stay put like a frost, muted by the morning glow!






Author’s Note:  The poem is in the category of “Parallelismus Membrorum” or grammatical parallelism.

Parallelismus Membrorum or grammatical parallelism is an independent clause presenting parallels or opposites in balance using contrasting and complimentary extensions.

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