Let me Breathe


#NaPoWriMo2022 at #ArtoonsInn #PoetryParlour #Day1



My fragmented flinders cling and clatter

Those impaling yells and bawls asphyxiate me

My viridian meadows are a thing of past

Buried ‘neath the sky-kissing concrete vast.


My flowing tresses are yanked off ruthlessly

Barren acres freckle my being dauntlessly

My stoic nature has been taken for granted

Unsteady morsels of hope, refuse to be planted.


Into the unknown, I gaze awaiting a miracle

Oh, dear humans! To you I pray for clemency

Let my somber browns bear the fruits of hope

It’s only you, who can succor me to cope.


Far away from this heinous avarice

Let’s embrace my greens yet again

Draped in melancholy, my words are slurred

Please do not let my deafening screams go unheard

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