Magical Anklets


Let her anklets sing the songs

The songs of exuberance

The songs of emancipation.

May the mellifluous lyrics

Usher in shimmering hope

Smeared to equality and certitude.

May her anklet bequeath a chasm

Of undaunted femineity

That tell tales of achievements,

And stories of pride and celebrations

Obliterating the pesky patriarchy.

Let every chime of her anklets,

Whistle a blissful song

The song of independence

Unfurling delicate yet resolute will power

Illuminating the dying embers

Of hope and positivity

Let her anklets sweet mutterings rent the air

Conveying a multitude of unvoiced emotions

Singing those muffled and unheard ballads

How I wish those anklets adorned her feet

Instead of those ruthless fretters

And shameless shackles

Of morbid inequality, chaotic prejudices

And beastly darkness.

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