Mon Amour



O’ Mon Amour

On this Valentine’s Day,

‘neath the star spangled ebony skies

Holding hands, we’d build a new world

Of our unfettered dreams

Reverberating with timeless rills of boisterous laughter


O’ Mon Amour

On this Valentine’s Day,

Garnering the unspent opaline moonlight

Looking in the eye, we’d share our subtle silences

Of our fervent desires

Merging at the gleaming horizon with our dreams lulled by love



O’ Mon Amour

On this Valentine’s Day,

Bathed in the serene cosmic luminescence

Whispering love sonnets, we’d create a hushed symphony

Of our eternal gratitude

Melding into the moonlit meadows of loyalty and togetherness.





Author’s Note: This story was written for a writing event.





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