Ornate Memories


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I miss

Getting drenched in first showers of the season

When being happy never needed any reason


I miss

Huddling under an umbrella which bestowed glee

Causing sibling rivalry and squabbles to flee


I miss

Going to school, hand in hand

Splashing water in puddles, warrantied joys grand


I miss

Playful sounds of prancing drops crashing on concrete street

Which were enhanced by exuberantly stomping feet


I miss

An unexpected “rainy-day” holiday

Which offered joyous extra-time for play


I miss

Spotting an occasional rainbow which was a perk

Day was fun, without home-work.


I miss

Those golden days of yore

Such blissful childhood, I wish I could restore


I miss

Sailing paper boats on muddy puddles

Wading through nostalgia, ornate memories ripple.

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