Over And Out


Since the time I was born, I was incarcerated within the morbid, chaotic prejudices.

I yearned for a breather to break free the feigned passage of time. None seemed to approve of my ‘non-girlish’ dreams

I was compelled to believe my dreams were delusional. Albeit, I’d encountered both demons and deities but none instilled in me that my dream weren’t malapropos or even that it’s okay for a girl to dream off-track.

Since my childhood I failed to comprehend, “why are girls conditioned in a way, wherein they are compelled to nurture the cliched dreams”?

Today, post being awarded the “ International Women of Courage Award” for displaying conspicuous bravery everyone seemed to applaud with pride, silently acknowledging my dreams weren’t delusional.

I finally burst free from the barrage of illusion, I looked up and muttered “over and out”.



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