Prejudiced Circus



Contemporary circus of hideous judgements

Embrace all women, despite juggling with utmost finesse

Akin to those highly skilled, self-reliant acrobats

Balancing every arduous act with great panache.

The bull whip of sky rocketing expectations

Sabotages the flying trapeze of their hopes and dreams

Only to be lassoed

By the tenebrous prejudices of the Ringmaster society.

The aerial hoop of unfulfilled desires, swings far beyond reach

Still, they continue performing, masquerading their pain

Akin to those adept and proficient Mime artists.

The Cyr wheel of Societal judgements never cease

Hence, painting their face with inane expectations

Women continue to perform seamlessly!

Ain’t it time for us to beckon a positive change?

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  1. Have been following you since past few months. You are just too good. This piece speaks of your brilliance and depth of thoughts. Looking forward to read more of you. Cheers


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