Que Sera Sera


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The thunder rolled across the spiteful charcoal sky

Sonorous rumbling, reverberating with ominous cry

Lachrymal echoes, impales my melancholic soul

Having lost you, solitary poignant pearls trickle down.


Impulsive growling ebbs and flows

Reminiscing ebullient times, which perpetually glows

The thick blackened clouds create a dysphoric mournful elegy

Witnessed by instantaneous blurt of unvoiced emotions.


The dismal nature laments and screams

Booming with deafening chortle rupturing all dreams.

Vulnerable downpour soothes abysmal scars

Dwindling dolor, searing pain alleviates.


With undaunted valor, I dared to survive

Those indelible memories helped me revive

None perturbs me now, wearing nonchalance

I move on, Que Sera Sera.





Author’s Note: Que Sera Sera is a Spanish saying implying “What will be, will be”

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