Quiet Streams


#NaPoWriMo2022 #ArtoonsInn #PoetryParlour #Day2


Coddled ‘n cosseted by fragrant memories

I tread into the cobbled alleyways of yore

Wherein exuberance ain’t incarcerated within boundaries

Emblazoned with the blossom of innocence within my core


Bustling ‘n bursting with pristine vigor

I saunter through the verdant expanse chasing butterflies

Allowing the mellifluous chirping of birds to trigger

My succulent hopes, wherein no darkness lies.


Regret ‘n rejection never loomed large

The dainty dulcet melody of life melded into me

Savoring my candy floss, kissed by zephyr, I’d recharge

Living every moment, life was mine with cauldrons of glee.


Alas! lost are those verdant meadows and the wooded hillocks

Wisps of fragmented dreams now play hide and seek

Smothered and raging emotions darken my world idyllic

While a lone tear trickles down my sunken cheek.


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