The whirlwind of garish thoughts

Copiously prominent by burning red

Wondrous words run pell-mell or even in knots

Broaching the dormant emotions upon an adrenaline surge

Aiding my mind to ricochet from a state of limbo

Like the ruddy constellation

Illumining the ebony skies

As a mighty pen pantomimes a plethora of emotions.

Yanked off from an insanely beat core

Breathing life, sinks into ink and silence

Succumbing to a never settling haze

Soaked yet ignited, beaming

‘midst the palisades of

Imperfections perched on evergreen canopies.

Albeit, a new born yet jubilant

To have tamed those flaxen sedge grasses

Gazing at the nascent dawn, a celebration

Perfect braids of amber and scarlet

Whispering warm secrets of sheer confidence

Fluttering my tenuous wings

Strengthening light flashes

Broaching the dormant emotions upon an adrenaline surge

I rise as Providence decreed!





Author’s Note: The poem is in the category of an Abstract Poem.

An Abstract Poem is usually on an experience, fleeting moment or thought. An abstract poem is non – linear, has no narrative, it is like a dream- hazy, elusive, and open to interpretation.

The flow of words, in abstract poetry, seems like one were thinking aloud. Symbols, sounds, colors or persons can indicate an idea, or a quality.

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