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The wafting aroma of honey cake from the nearby café triggered my nostalgia.

‘Twas the same café that had witnessed two souls falling in love. The mandatory tea, honey cake and shortbread cookies were her absolute favorite which eventually forged its way into my favorite list as well.

Hand in hand we created indelible memories etched in our hearts forever. Our lives were chock-full of promises and ‘happily ever after’ was all over the place.

For two decades I’ve been fantasizing that our spark for attraction will still be there, only to realize that true love in its absolute form has umpteen purposes in life. Purposes that might not necessarily be garnished with happiness.

This entire affair every ounce of pain and suffering that both of us have endured has been the result of a tragic and prejudiced thinking. One I intend to correct. But luck is always not a function of intent.

Settling down as per societal standards, today I regret my silence. The silent acquiescence nibbled me away at the edge of stillness of my humdrum life. Honestly, I feel the entire human race armed with regressive thoughts, poisoned by prejudice and absolutely frantic with hatred and fear is galloping pell-mell back to the dark ages. Or else I would’ve found the answer to the most crucial question that wreaked havoc in my life

“How does a same-gender relationship, diminish the legacy of social righteousness”?


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