Seeking Light


#NaPoWriMo2022  #ArtoonsInn #PoetryParlour #Day6



Fake gratitude, fluent lies

Colored existence, feigned feelings

Muted voices, morbid loneliness

Lonesome walks, loquacious serendipity.

A sinister sense of darkness

Envelops me, smothering my hopes

I blankly gaze into the horizon

That looks fiercely naked

Still, I yearn for my pristine freedom

Away from facades and trammels.

Alas! The road seems meandering, scarped

I try with all my might

My heart gropes for the path

Wherein only devouring darkness

Beckons me and my solitude.

Yet I look around

Trying to seize the elusive freedom

Which appears hopelessly lost to me.

Akin to those Terracotta soldiers

Guarding Qin Shi Huang’s tomb

I continue to immaculately guard my fragmented dreams

As I seek a new light emblazoned with certitude

My heart still beats for the soul

Long lost yet appears so nearby.

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