Spooky Shriek or Mysterious Messiah?


You’re a bazillion galaxies away from the planet Earth. This is the largest privately owned tactical training center, complete with R&D labs, life-boarding simulators. We do threat assessments and diplomatic training. All of you have proven quite capable when the moment serves. Hence y’all are here” hollered the bodyless spook called Shriek.
He has been creating these effective silhouettes in his state-of-the-art labs from the modified souls of all deceased child victims.
These paranormal silhouettes under the guidance of their chief Shriek, have successfully reduced crimes on children, leading to mysterious killing of the diabolical pedophiles.
After almost five years of panic and hysterical dread, somewhere on planet Earth parents felt at ease. Finally, it was time to rejoice, to celebrate faith over fear. Even the parents who’d suffered unspeakable loss and were crippled by free floating anxieties were elated, yet they did not have any foggiest clue how it all happened.
Though the media outlets have been alerted, the cops have cordoned off most suspicious zones, yet there’s no concrete evidence. Eventually, the cops gave up chasing the shadow warrior(s).
At last, justice been meted out by what they call as ‘Mysterious Messiah’ or the ‘Spooky Shriek’ who knows?





Author’s Note: This story was written for a writing event.

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