Supreme Antidote


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A jocund escape in the realm of utopia

Assassinating the morbid claustrophobia

Finally, Jane decided to celebrate her glee in a fantasy land

Wherein tranquility ‘n exuberance go hand in hand


The fluffy dreams emit a subtle, celestial scent

Bestowing a blissful cornucopia of peace ‘n content.

Where unrequited love, wouldn’t result in face being incinerated

Dystopian existence, chaotic prejudices are totally eliminated


Where hurting memories, burning desires no more bother

Compassion, solidarity and humanity reign supreme amidst others.

Where pouring out a cauldron of exuberance and calmness

Everyone sang the eternal song of forgiveness.


Where the ambrosial zephyr deciphers the silence of my loneliness

Caressing my lacerating wounds, camouflages my emptiness

Where abhorrence, violence and rapacity are extinct

Every dawn brings a sunlight crown, draped in certitude distinct.


Where unicorns and stars giggle and chuckle

Celebrating life sans any buckle

Where every bond is eternally etched in the ethereal realm

Tethering loose emotions, relationships overwhelm.


For it’s never too late to start over

Or to be happy granting absolution to self and pass over!

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