The Garden Of Eden



The utopian “Garden of Eden” is so serene and tranquil

It’s shrouded by air that’s so pure and pristine

A place where idyllic dreams unfurl and outstretch

Aiding celebration of every tiniest life with its blissful embrace

Where hopes and trust are totally untampered

Every relation is emancipated and never smothered

Where even the unvoiced emotions can be heard soulfully

Despite umpteen impediments, dreams are undeterred

Where the ray of glimmering sunshine eradicates melancholy

Thereby, bestowing unblemished life by each fragrant bloom

Where humanity, empathy and compassion reigns supreme

Optimism and certitude nurture humanity fed by sheer brotherhood

Where the nascent dawn bestows hope that’s tender

Insinuating gloomy darkness to gradually surrender

Where captivity in any form is never allowed

Causing ebullient freedom to sing out clear and loud.

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  1. In the current pandemic situation where our most natural and legitimate liberties have been tortured, it seems just coming back to normal life would be like be in Eden. The way you have beautifully written this poem gives hope and shed light on a better future…coming back to normal life will already make us feel like living in the Eden Garden ou have described. What an inspiration.

    • Thank you so much ♥♥ for reading and leaving those lovely words of appreciation. I’m so glad to have been able to evoke that feeling of breathing free and unmasked air smeared with hope and brotherhood.


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