Unveiling My Worth


Since my birth, I was incarcerated within the morbid, chaotic prejudices.

I yearned for a breather to break free the feigned passage of time. None seemed to approve of my ‘non-girlish’ dreams, with questions like “…but why don’t you like dolls and frilly cute dresses?

My banal sense of self-love roped in pity even from my family members, let alone neighbors and strangers.

I was compelled to believe my dreams were delusional. Albeit, I’d encountered both demons and deities but none instilled in me that my dreams weren’t malapropos.

Today, I emerged out of the operation room as a man. The man in me was finally unfettered.

A look outside through the hospital window, heralded a shimmering brightness which won’t be tarnished by the darkness of paltry mindsets.

The majestic glistening peaks preached me to be forbearing; the lonesome valleys to stay grounded and enjoy my own company.

“There’s no greater relationship than the one you share with yourself. Love yourself, it’s the only form of love that caters to all the answers you seek.” Whispered the new man in me. Happiness floods through my body, coursing through every vein and organ.

Finally, my self-love no longer roped in pity!







Author’s Note: This story was written for a writing event.


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