Yearnings Of A Forlorn Soul


As we sauntered on the patio of our dreams

A galaxy of hopes embraced us, bestowing mirth and ebullience

The grey clouds of hopelessness and despair

Gradually ebbed away.

Alas! Little did I know, this blissful togetherness

Was destined to be ephemeral.


Your sudden retreat to a serene world on the other side

Robbed me of the last vestiges of exuberance.

I’d so much to say, my silence brawls

To break through the diaphanous walls of my forlorn heart.


I sit and pine

If you can listen to the unsung song of my heart

If you can see the yearnings of my disquieted soul,

The raw, vulnerable and melancholic me.


Those unvoiced emotions and unspoken words

Echoes deep, despite being incarcerated

In the shackles of nostalgia,

Behind the gossamer of unknown quest of unfinished love.


Often under the ambrosial moonlit skies

My resilience sparks and hope glimmers

Gazing at the brightest of the dazzling stars

My brooding eyes grapple to utter

Those unrevealed feelings and emotions

Which I never got an opportunity to reveal.


Still now, I await a rendezvous with that star

To speak the unspoken and unfinished words

To celebrate the memories of your sojourn with me

Only us, amidst the utopian realm of happily ever after!


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