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Hi, I'm Debashree An erstwhile Banker who currently loves to scribble her heart out. A mother, passionate blogger, published author and published poet. I totally believe in the power of words, they can heal the world and herald a change. Therefore, I do my bit by contributing while concurrently satiating my soul.



The Humble Palace

          Post lunch, Riyasha took out a book to read, when a tattered photograph of a teenager popped out. Three decades has elapsed, but she could still sniff her old self amidst her refurbished self. Her husband...

Yearnings Of A Forlorn Soul

As we sauntered on the patio of our dreams A galaxy of hopes embraced us, bestowing mirth and ebullience The grey clouds of hopelessness and despair Gradually ebbed away. Alas! Little did I know, this blissful togetherness Was destined...

The Garden Of Eden

  The utopian “Garden of Eden” is so serene and tranquil It’s shrouded by air that’s so pure and pristine A place where idyllic dreams unfurl and outstretch Aiding celebration of every tiniest life with its blissful embrace Where...

Gentle Yet Chaotic

As the darkness surrenders, the vibrant new dawn greets The sun rises as a canopy of gold, bright amidst the chirpy tweets Last night’s howling storm is zephyr at dawn caressing the verdant green nature with its...


In the pristine morning, there is more exuberance In the part of me that peeks through the eyes Heralding new dreams garnished with flamboyance.   In the pristine morning, there is more love Yearning to leap in the silent...

An Open Letter To The “Best Teacher” Till Date— 2020

  Dear 2020, Though you’ve been horrific since the start, obliterating umpteen hopes and dreams of innumerable people throughout the world. Nonetheless, would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being “The...

Together In Solitude

Gazing at the deserted shelves of aisle 7, I reminisce about the very first day I met her. Her luminous hazel eyes were a radiating warm sun warmed with inner gold. When combined with...

Small Speck In A Timeline

  The exuberant waves of time, Caressing the mundane existence Akin to ambrosial zephyr Soothing a restive soul.   Deep down those dying embers Brawl to blurt unvoiced emotions Suppressed by the magical mystique aura Lay dormant like skeletons in grave.   The iridescent and...

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