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Hi, I'm Debashree An erstwhile Banker who currently loves to scribble her heart out. A mother, passionate blogger, published author and published poet. I totally believe in the power of words, they can heal the world and herald a change. Therefore, I do my bit by contributing while concurrently satiating my soul.




  Mother Having lost you Silvery pearls roll down Eloquent mournful elegy Engraved   Pearly Cascading drops Drench unvoiced emotions Flickering glimpses of yore bid Adieu   Silent Barren bosom Emotions ravaged soul Brooding eyes glistened, lament Billow   Lonely Melancholic Crestfallen desolate I pray for a magical healing Within   Holding onto the last Pedicle of buoyant dreams Yearn to reunite...

Confessions & Acknowledgement.

Growing up in the 90s was such a bliss. Everything was so much natural, be it food, people, the environment, and the media as well. We learned to preserve everything in our hearts and...

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