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Hi, I'm Debashree An erstwhile Banker who currently loves to scribble her heart out. A mother, passionate blogger, published author and published poet. I totally believe in the power of words, they can heal the world and herald a change. Therefore, I do my bit by contributing while concurrently satiating my soul.



Dream a Little

I named her Dream. Her eyes have a bazillion stories to tell, the stories that weren’t judgmental but were enswathed in jejune hues of lost days. Her diaphanous flowing mane was a sight to...


“Adapt to changes Learn to fly For in everyone Lies a butterfly!”   Maa’s words reverberated in my ears. She was the first person who’d realized I was worth far more than the drugs I was doing way back...

Frosted Embers

You instilled cadence in darkness I dislodged trust, while trying to look for brightness You filled our togetherness with utopian dreams I dug into my solitude, heralding dystopian nightmares Picking me up, you gathered my flinders Jettisoning hope, I...

The Wailing Castle

Life as a paranormal investigator, sure ain’t a cakewalk. But I stood firm on my unyielding resolve. Based on my immaculate and efficient track record, I was assigned the complex case of ‘The Wailing Castle’...

Calming Credence

Vessel that motivates Erects hopes and creates Simply feeds on our faith Subtly salving our scathe Expunging total fears Lives in us through the years   O’ divine creator Free us from greed greater Your glory we do seek Of your credence we speak Upon...


The whirlwind of garish thoughts Copiously prominent by burning red Wondrous words run pell-mell or even in knots Broaching the dormant emotions upon an adrenaline surge Aiding my mind to ricochet from a state of limbo Like the ruddy...

Lingering Love

Everything around seemed to be an aching reminder of the muted past. The wafting aroma of strawberry cake from the nearby café piqued my nostalgia. The first bite of the cake was exclusively for...

All I Want

All I want, is a winter wonderland Shimmering in its icy serenade Donning crystal white gowns Echoing calmness through all towns   All I want, is a winter wonderland Pirouetting wintry willow wands Stirring in wintry dreams Whispering warm words in arrays...

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