All I Want


All I want, is a winter wonderland

Shimmering in its icy serenade

Donning crystal white gowns

Echoing calmness through all towns


All I want, is a winter wonderland

Pirouetting wintry willow wands

Stirring in wintry dreams

Whispering warm words in arrays of frozen beams.


All I want, is a winter wonderland

Waltzing breeze laced with warmth of affection

Beaming in glisk, radiating ethereal glow

Festooning Angel’s carpet of coruscant snow.


All I want, is a winter wonderland

Promising snug dreams, ‘neath the snow-draped blue orb

Welcoming snow angels from their celestial abode

Savoring the ephemeral glee, nature bestowed.


All I want, is a winter wonderland

Cheering, giving, sharing, caring

Embellishing whiteness, the best moments froze

Celebrating jingling bells, carols and “red-nose!”






Author’s Note: The poem is in the category ofList poem.

A list poem can be a list or inventory of items, people, places, or ideas.
It often involves repetition.
It can include rhyme or not.
The list poem is usually not a random list. It is well thought out.
The last entry in the list is usually a strong, funny, or important item or event.




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  1. Poem: All I want

    Promising snug dreams …. celestial abode
    Love these two lines..

    I am getting dragged by your words in the flurries of white snow and everything ceased to exist for a while … ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your poem has the power to bind people into the landscape of snow.. 😘😘😘

    And I love that after every poem, there is some information shared.


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