Small Speck in a timeline

by Debashree Basak


The exuberant waves of time,

Caressing the mundane existence

Akin to ambrosial zephyr

Soothing a restive soul.


Deep down those dying embers

Brawl to blurt unvoiced emotions

Suppressed by the magical mystique aura

Lay dormant like skeletons in grave.


The iridescent and vivacious hues of life

Dwindled to a barely perceptible lightening of gloom

As life stood draped in sepia, fading into monochrome

Lost in the rhythmic percussion of “sands of time


The last vestiges of the perishing ball of light

Disappeared over the interminable horizon of placid life

Ushering the musical silence of a pearly dawn

Igniting flickering hope and virgin aspirations.


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