The Invigorating Doors


When the dark black shadows glow

And your mind doesnโ€™t tire of its games

When the furiously choppy ocean tries

To engulf you in its seductively restive waves

When unknown destinations, bottomless pits,

Point of no returns, dystopian existence,

Chaotic prejudices, manic descents

Ruthlessly obliterate

Your hopes, dreams, aspirations.

Just hang on; open those doors

Of positivity, optimism, certitude

Open yourself up and let that

Shimmering ray of divine light

To barge in and coddle your dreary soul.

Those invigorating doors help you grow

Soon youโ€™ll see resilience spark

The swelling glow of divine light

Will illumine your surroundings

Causing the dark black shadows to recede.







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