Confessions & Acknowledgement.


Growing up in the 90s was such a bliss. Everything was so much natural, be it food, people, the environment, and the media as well. We learned to preserve everything in our hearts and appreciate the lush green meadows, the colorful butterflies and the occasional rainbows.

My childhood was like a decadent and rich cake, the icing being my “MOM”. I got to grow up with a mother, who taught me to believe in me and then she’d add the rest shall follow”.

Life was indeed so tough for my mom, managing her family while concurrently managing her career in one of the top-notch companies. Some days I remember she used to be so darn jaded and exhausted yet she would smile with a pure heart and untainted adoration in her eyes. I was and I’m still in awe of her colossal “patience” which she had, come what may. I learnt to be patient from her. Her stoic nature enamored me to emulate her since my childhood. Just because she gave me a chance to redeem myself whenever I was in deep woods, made me realize, with patience and love all battles can be won.

At every juncture of life, she displayed an incredible level of “determination”, which I still try to implement in my mundane life. Be it at the domestic front or in her corporate world, she aced everywhere. Her unflinching determination and sheer hard work, made her ascend the corporate ladder at a fast pace, which resulted in incremental pressure. She still managed to tackle it with great élan, despite the interminable impediments.

Her “positive attitude” was exemplary, she showcased enormous “optimism” even during the darkest and longest days. I remember whenever I felt dejected and dispirited and tears of frustration stung my eyes, she was the first to wipe them away. This trait of hers has helped me overcome umpteen path breakers till date. Her words instilled an innate sense of hope and power augmenting my self-confidence and refuel my zest for life.

Her intrinsic sense of “responsibility” moved me as a child. Never did she miss preparing the dishes we loved most. I still remember the days when her official workload resulted in a slight delay, she would get either yummy cakes or snacks for us, to uplift our melancholic spirits. I’m religiously trying to follow that now, being a mother myself!

My mom, was so “inspiring” Her every move inspired me as a child. Her finesse, her ability to love selflessly, her ability to give us an applaudable upbringing, her commendable corporate success are a few things worth emulating!

Thank you maa for showing me what love, commitment, patience, determination, optimism, responsibility, and family is all about.

Thank You maa, for being fast to forgive and forget. Thank you maa, for helping me to gather myself at my somber times and loving me at my most unlovely!


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