Gentle Yet Chaotic


As the darkness surrenders, the vibrant new dawn greets

The sun rises as a canopy of gold, bright amidst the chirpy tweets

Last night’s howling storm is zephyr at dawn

caressing the verdant green nature with its gentle cuddles.


The ambrosial winds soothe even the restive souls

Stirring emotions, bringing sweet memories that, time stole

The tall and lanky grass wands dance in sheer ebullience

Savoring the wind’s pleasant but powerful foreplay.


The susurration of leaves, now and then

Whispers sweet nothings time and again

The nature rejoices to celebrate its mirth glee

Swaying in a leisurely gait as in a musical rhapsody.


The gentle wind sings songs, blessing lives with powerful passion

Showering even the tiniest life with its euphoric compassion.

The mighty wind is free, is chaotic, has infinite destinations

It has a charismatic aura, a drive that powers onwards, every direction an option.







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