A Season Where Heaven and Land Coalesce (La’libertas)


Shimmering icy serenade

Adorns bare trees with crystal crowns

Cold Nature in crystal white gowns

Caressing eyes with pure white shade


Wintry willow wands pirouette

In tandem with the drafty winds

Stirring their wintry dreams

They remain grounded on the frozen earth

Denuded yet regal in the nascent rays of sun

Whispering warm words, savoring each moment.


Silver sequins silhouette frowns

Serene, idyllic moments stayed

Indelible memories made

Echoing calmness through all towns


Autumnal foliage seeks refuge in winter cradle

To be coddled by the pristine white rays of hope

With the migratory birds crooning

Mother Earth relaxes amidst the umber caramels

Upon the Angel’s carpet of Coruscant snow

Beaming in its ethereal glow.


Embracing its icy song, with a passionate touch of divine connection

Winter’s here, with mellifluous breeze laced in its warmth of affection.







Poet’s note:

The type of poem is La’libertas. Created by Laura Lamarca, the La’libertas is a 22-line poetic form that follows the following rules:

Stanza 1 – rhyme scheme is abba and 8 syllables per line

Stanza 2 – free verse, 6 lines only

Stanza 3 – rhyme scheme is baab and 8 syllables per line

Stanza 4 – free verse, 6 lines only

Couplet – 2 lines

This form got its name from the word “libertas” which is Latin for “liberty” and “La” is Laura Lamarca’s signature.

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