Love Thy Mother- An Anthology of Poems


About Author: Debashree Basak is one of the authors, amongst other world-renowned Poets and Poetesses across the globe.

Her poem “Motherhood” features in this exemplary anthology.


About the Book: This anthology published in the year 2020, has been brought together world-renowned Poets and Poetesses across the globe collaborating with a beautiful collection of poems that seeks to celebrate mothers all over the world.

Mothers are the first teachers and as homemakers, we all start bonding with them from the home of the womb until we are old enough to leave the nest and form a nest of our own. Even at that. Mothers continue to mothers in grand way to their children, hence the epithet grandmother. The first language we learn is dubbed Mother Tongue. This underscores the importance of a mother in the family scheme of things.


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