The Quintessential Perfection


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With unendurable burden imposed, I wrestle with my soul

A” Perfect A” in everything “should” always be my goal

Never can I afford to slither from being “Number One”

Assassinating my dreams, an arduous smile I donned

I’m only a wallflower meant for display of pride

Camouflaging the million nights I wept ‘n cried

Belonging to an elite clan, is a boon they say

Alas! Clad with insensitivity and umpteen shades of grey

A single grade “B” shoves me into oblivion forever

The comparisons ‘n abuses scarring me, seem to cease never

My peers are perennially way better than me

“I’m worthless” is all that they always see

Confined in my worthless self, I start to detest myself

Scouring for paths to emancipate myself.

With the scalpel in hand, I make the move

A “Perfect” cut, would require none to approve

I chose to tread the path where eagles dare

Where facades are non-existent and emotions lay bare

Now at last I “Perfectly” Rest in Peace

Celebrating my “Imperfect” life is what I vehemently miss!

The vacant school desks still await my presence

A pair of forbearing ears, could’ve made all the difference.










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